Refresh Plastics Group

Contributing to a more circular and sustainable world and economy

Refresh Plastics Group was founded by Hendré Vos and is completely independent, both financially and as a company in all affiliated industries. Refresh Plastics Group is 100% private and owned by family. It’s our mission to contribute to a more circular and sustainable world and economy.

We are:
• A total solution provider of (processing) technology and production regarding recycling and circularity of plastics and synthetic textiles.
• A strategic partner in closed-loop plastic waste streams and mechanical recycling.
• An in-house developer (R&D) of Refresh Plastics & Textiles Technology: patented De-coloring and Coloring infusing (processing) technology that makes it possible to produce valuable raw materials again from 100% plastic and synthetic textile waste.

Together with our chain partners – responsible for the specific technologies and disciplines – we continuously optimize our technology and strategy.


Contributing to a more circular and sustainable world and economy.


Developing and creating innovative and circular technology, concepts and strategies together with our chain partners that can be applied worldwide in as many ways as possible and has as much positive impact as possible.

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Technology and strategy

The environment is plagued by worldwide plastic pollution. But there’s more. Another harmful contributor to our global waste problem is the enormous textile production.
Together with our partners, we have integrated Refresh Plastics and Textiles Technology into a synthetic textile fibre based on a polypropylene textile matrix multi-filament with all imaginable mechanical and haptic aspects of the multi-filament, and thus the produced textile, remain indistinguishable.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to produce, sell, buy and wear textile that does not contribute to textile waste?
In other words, we have developed a synthetic textile yarn that, as with rigid and flexible plastics, is 100% decolorable, reversible and can also be colored and fully de-colored on demand. Our technology ensures that textiles are fully recyclable with the same equipment they were produced with!

Strategic partnerships and Business models

Raw textile materials to which no value is added at the start of the chain is waste…
When revenue models are integrated into textile production, by implementing Circular Refresh Plastics & Textiles Polymer Technology, the result is maximal value creation.

In short: Refresh Textiles Technology turns textile waste into revenue models!

Some of our business models:
• Collecting: return textiles
• Sorting: Tracer, tracking and traceability
• Free feedstock
• Production technology: decoloring and coloring
• New products
• Access to new markets
• Strengthening customer loyalty
• Marketing: Sustainability has status.

We are looking for strategic partners interested, skilled and/or experienced in innovative sustainable and circular production processes and methodologies in industries like denim/jeans, lingerie, sports and leisure, panties, swimwear, carpet, plastic and other industries. In particular, these could be brand-owners, manufacturers and producers.

Advanced Technology partners

• RWTH Aachen University (Germany)
• Maastricht University (Netherlands)
• Ghent University (Belgium)
• TNO (Netherlands)
• Brightlands (Netherlands)
• Saxion (Netherlands)
• Delft University of Technology (Netherlands)
• Fujifilm (Japan)
• Chemelot (Netherlands)
• Material ConneXion (United States)