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    Refresh Plastics Technology is based on years of experience in the packaging and recycling branches. In addition, our technology and technological production processes are based on practicality, sustainability, continuity and quantity.But a circular and sustainable economy only functions if every step in the process has an economic value. A sustainable world is merely an illusion without the economical aspect. That is why Refresh Plastics has developed the right revenue models that ensure the effectiveness of the technology.


    – Clean innovation: Our patented, chemical-free, low-temperature washing and decoloring process is designed to eliminate color and contaminants. Moreover, it produces odor-free, recycled and recyclable resin that can be used directly. – Clarity: Our production processes and rRecyclate are near-virgin and yield products that are suitable for incorporation in white and natural plastic objects such as packaging and bottles. – Corporate responsibility: By using Refresh Plastics Technology, you send a powerful message to consumers about your brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability.


    If you apply Refresh Plastics Technology at the start of the production process, it is possible to produce valuable raw materials again from 100% plastic waste. These materials, in the form of certified rRecyclate, can even be transformed into a colour masterbatch and save costs.


    We believe that sharing patent technology leads to winners only. We do not believe in limiting and obstructing obstacles, such as license fees and/or license models. We are looking for partners with the same vision who believe in investing their finances in their network, product, market, market share and, most importantly, in their customers.