Contributing to a more circular and
sustainable world and economy

What happens to your plastic and textile waste? Want to contribute to the environment and invest in your product? Refresh Plastics & Textiles Technology turns plastic and textile waste into complete rRecyclate and colour masterbatches for a 100% circular and sustainable world and economy.

  • Our technology turns plastic and textile waste into revenue models with only winners
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Patented reward system

Become a winner on personal and global levels with Refresh Plastics & Textiles Technology. The carbon credit system guarantees your succes!

CO² reduction

Refresh Plastics & Textiles Technology is accredited for both technology and application for zero CO² emmission with carbon certificates.

Plastic and Textile waste

Refresh Plastics &Textiles Technology transforms plastic and synthetic textile waste into 100% polymer technology with only winners as a result.

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A perfect start makes a brilliant ending

First things first: you don’t have to change anything in your production process. Our technology can be fully integrated because it is specially developed for the plastic industry. Moreover, by applying Refresh Plastics & Textile Technology via a conventional colour masterbatch at the start, your new revenue models come into effect automatically and immediately.

Refresh Plastics & Textile Technology is based on physical and technical naturalness. A technology for reversible and repeatable coloring and decoloring of plastics and synthetic textiles. Excellent compatibility of components ensures uniform coloring.

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Grinding or shredding is the reduction of the plastic and synthetic textile parts. This step is essential to the whole process. Our shredding method ensures that all flakes have exactly the same geometric dimensions to optimise the kinetic laws and washing aspect.

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Contamination is the biggest threat in every recycling process. This includes labels and printing inks. Our washing and pre-decolourisation formulations are free of chemicals. This ensures a low-temperature process that is as effective, efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

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Final decoloring

Of course, you want your recycled plastic and synthetic textiles decolorised. Good news: with Refresh Plastics & Textiles Technology we decolorise plastics and synthetic textiles to 100% neutral, near-virgin and odourless certified rRecyclate within minutes in an efficient and effective in-house production application.

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Our production processes are based on a single thermal treatment of the valuable raw polyolefin materials (PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE), PA6 and PET. In the production process, we can obtain certified rRecyclate or we produce a colour master batch to use again for new plastic and synthetic textile products.

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Coloring technology

In order to re-color plastic and synthetic textiles to use again, we don’t use standard extrusion processes to produce a colour masterbatch, as the use of an extruder for the standard compounding process of a colour masterbatch has many disadvantages and side effects and degrades the polyolefin matrix.

Instead, we use our own developed and patented colour infusion technology. We also use proprietary and patented colourants that have been developed specifically for our technology and production processes. This way, we are always quantitatively competitive.

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Colour masterbatch

The product? 100% plastic and textile waste turned into 100% technology. The final colour masterbatch contains all technical components and technologies to repeat the decoloring process.

Our performance in terms of colour brilliance is unique. Our technology involves no flow lines or other negative effects of a standard and conventional colour masterbatch.

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Not just a household crate

We are delighted to launch our own Refresh Plastics Technology product!

This is not just a regular blue household crate. It is fully recyclable, multifunctional in its use and application and it has the unique feature of being 100% de-colorable again. The crate can be transformed into near-virgin material in a completely circular and sustainable way with our unique technology.

What’s more, you can return this crate free of charge after end-of-life and receive a bonus.
Yes, when you return your product you’ll be rewarded instead of punished! It’s easy: simply e-mail us that you want to return your crate. We’ll send you a shipping box that you can use to return your crate and you’ll be rewarded for being our partner!

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Frequently asked questions

You may have questions about the process or technology.
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Refresh Plastics & Textiles Technology is based on years of experience in the packaging and recycling branches. In addition, our technology and technological production processes are based on practicality, sustainability, continuity and quantity. But a circular and sustainable economy only functions if every step in the process has an economic value. A sustainable world is merely an illusion without the economical aspect. That is why Refresh Plastics has developed the right revenue models that ensure the effectiveness of the technology.

If you apply Refresh Plastics & Textiles Technology at the start of the production process, it is possible to produce valuable raw materials again from 100% plastic waste. These materials, in the form of certified rRecyclate, can even be transformed into a colour masterbatch including Refresh Plastics & Textiles Technology which saves costs.

+ Clean innovation: Our patented, chemical-free, low-temperature washing and decoloring process is designed to eliminate color and contaminants. Moreover, it produces odor-free, recycled and recyclable resin that can be used directly.
+ Clarity: Our production processes and rRecyclate are near-virgin and yield products that are suitable for incorporation in white and natural flakes for near virgin rRecyclate that can be used for plastics and synthetic textiles.
+ Corporate responsibility: By using Refresh Plastics & Textiles Technology, you send a powerful message to consumers about your brand’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

We believe that sharing patent technology leads to winners only. We do not believe in limiting and obstructing obstacles, such as license fees and/or license models. We are looking for partners with the same vision who believe in investing their finances in their network, product, market, market share and, most importantly, in their customers.